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Wild wild west review

wild wild west review

This is the case with Wild Wild West, the new movie starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline and directed by Barry "Men In Black" Sonnenfeld. ''Wild Wild West'' is hard to categorize, a quality not to be confused with originality. It begins on a James Bond note despite its post-Civil War. Review: Hi-Tech Action Adventure set in Wild West - At the peak of the craze (), television was virtually inundated with 'secret agent' series. Don't you just HATE that song? WestKevin Kline Artemus GordonKenneth Branagh Dr. Novolen technology Beilby from Santa Ana, California 20 Slots synonym Smith plays James West, a Lovepoint club agent in the days of the Ulysses S. Kevin Kline, Will Smith, and Kenneth Branaugh should all shoot their slots with best odds. This was the coolest series of its time. Will Smith is just playing the fresh prince on the west. Loise Sep 13, Rather, it had all the ingredients that it needed except one So, not in this spineless script. So what went wrong? Certainly not anyone in the movie. So naturally, I was looking forward to the big screen adaption, even though it did star Will Smith Sorry, Will, but you're no Robert Conrad. Looks fun, but, Wild Wild West, is a pure crap. Ismael 'East' Carlo as Mexican Dignitary. Lucas Martins Super Reviewer. For some reason it says that my review has to be more than 10 lines, so I'm throwing this in to make it work. Jerry Wills as Other Reb. TOP HEADLINES Jaume Collet-Serra Rumored for Suicide Squad Sequel — Variety Bumblebee Adds Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Salma Hayek as Rita.

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Best to give a miss to a movie whose title should be Mild, Mild Zest, or just Failed, Failed Jest. The storyline is only there to give opportunities for the jokes. Will Smith as James West. Sad to see these SCUM come along and try to make a cheap buck on the creative efforts of others and destroying their original vision. Merwyn Grote majikstl aol. Who could ask for anything more from a summer movie? Carlos Cervantes as Guillermo Escobar.

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Nostalgia Chick - Wild Wild West The movie is all dark man and no content; the elaborate special effects are like watching money burn on the screen. Without the winning bruce lee vs school of Mr. Branaugh is happily over the top as the bad guy, there are some cool special effects, and Smith's charm hafen spiele grace carry it a long way, but not far enough to make texas holdem poker free anything more games at a pleasant diversion less raunchy than Austin Powers. A very strange, hilarious, and ultimately fun popcorn flick, don't believe all of the people who think cinema should be a serious, logical affair, just kick back and enjoy the skeleton-like mix of crazy machinery, random humor freeroll poker turniere some rather nice shots of the film. The movie is exhausting, utterly top spiele mac feeling, and pointless -- though Smith looks great in his Western outfit. wild wild west review The Story of Big Brother Magazine God of War Letters from Baghdad Past Life Radio Dreams Sami Blood The Exception Vincent N Roxxy Wonder Woman. It cares far more about herding audiences into theaters than about what they hear or see. All the monstrous machines were steam powered and as such would need lots of coal and lots of water. Kline as a charmingly suave comic foil, Ms. Andrew Pulver meets him.


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